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The Prince of Wales Hospice has been providing care to people with a life-limiting illness since 1989. Their services are available to any adult from the Five Towns area of West Yorkshire.

They care for patients with any life-limiting illness, including cancer, motor neurone disease and chronic heart and lung disease. They care for anyone over the age of 18, either as a visiting out-patient, or on their ward where they offer 24-hour specialist care. The Hospice helps people live better with their illness, with over half who stay with us eventually returning home. Many choose the safety and dignity of our Hospice for care at the end of their life.

Their care also extends to the carers and families of our patients, who often need us just as much. As a healthcare service, they are regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

The hospice provides it’s care free of charge and entirely based on need, but only about a 25% of the cost is covered by the NHS. That means they have to raise over £3m a year through their shops, fundraising events, donations and fundraising initiatives in our communities. Of every £1 they raise, 87p is spent directly on patient care and 13p is invested in raising more funds.

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" We feel its important that we can give back to the community around us, so we are delighted to support the Prince of Wales Hospice and become the 47th member of Club 5 "
Adam Fosker
Operations director

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