Benefits of VoIP in Schools, Colleges and Universities

better communication with the use of voip from Rocket unified communications

Something to think about

Improve Internal Communication

All staff can have an extension due to the low cost, with not even needing a handset. They can call via the app on a teacher’s desktop or laptop, or even just send a chat message for quick communications when needed.

All users (not only reception) will be able to see the user’s status to know if they are available to speak or not.

Form a lockdown procedure

What is your current lockdown procedure?  Is it to ring the bell a certain amount of times?  Isn’t that hard for the staff and students to count, and how do they know if they need to lockdown, or need to leave the building?

We can provide SIP speakers that integrate perfectly with the 3CX platform, and can be used as a tannoy.  You can also page phones direct!

Improve External Communication

If you have a message you would like parents to hear, then simply add it on before they speak to reception when calling in – perhaps you have a parents evening or sports day coming up?

Isn’t it a nightmare when its a snow day?  Have a message stored and ready to go, and remotely change the system to point to it.


Contact your safeguarding officer wherever they are on the mobile app or desk phone and know if they are in a meeting by viewing their status, and where to find them.

Are on call needed in a classroom?  The teacher could simply send a chat message to whoever is on duty or call them from the classroom.

Easy Administration

Easy for internal IT and non-IT staff to maintain, plus of course any third party IT support you may have, but we are always there when you need us as well.

The administration panel works great not only within the browser of a desktop PC/Mac, but also from Tablets and Smartphones.

One system for multiple sites

All calls between sites are completely free, plus of course you can always use Webmeeting for the personal touch or to co-work and share desktops.

This could be hosted at the data centre, or at one of your own sites on your infrastructure, the choice is yours!