“Rocket Unified Communications certainly know their job, giving us regular updates every step of the way”

Education Specialists

Providing bespoke solutions, including telephony, video, chat and more.


As well as fulfilling all of your telephony needs as an organisation we offer communication lessons to schools for free, just get in touch.


Whether a private independent school, part of a trust, academy, state school, grammar school, community school or foundation school – we can help you improve both your internal and external communications.

Colleges and Universities

Most colleges and universities have larger campuses, meaning bigger needs, which Rocket UC are here to fulfil.  Whether hosted in the cloud, or on-premise on your server infrastructure.


There are many things to consider when implementing a unified communications system - it's not a matter of just supplying dial tone.


We identify your needs alongside you, Education isn't always as simple as business.

test, test and test again

Yep, test it, test it, test it, test it, test it, test it some more, then test it again.

#therocketway Design Specification Test, Test and Test Again Implementation Training Support


Our onsite engineers are all Enhanced DBS checked, along with all other staff. We have been there and done it, meaning implementation isn't a gamble for you.


We feel the systems we provide have many benefits, and we want people to use them, so training is important to us.


Our expert staff aren't just there at the start, we are there for the life of our services, and we are always proactive.

Technically Robust

All aspects and components of our solutions (hosted or on-premise) are selected as best of breed, through years of experience.

Consultative Approach

Technology has to work for you and your organisation. We achieve this by getting to know you and how you work, how you currently communicate and ONLY then can we make recommendations on how we can help you communicate better. Our years of expeience within education and carrying out projects for education establishments also help. 

Our Core Values

Education First

Our solutions are there to aid all educational establishments, it may be a phone in an admin office, but that member of staff is there in a role to assist learning, and needs their communications equipment to work well and aid their work.


Every aspect of of the specification, design and implementation is discussed. You will know exactly what we are providing to you, with transparent quotes, with a line item for every part of the solution. From initial meeting to the day of installation and beyond in support, we will always be honest with you – no smoke and mirrors.

Communication in Education

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